Shadow Self

Shadow Self: Leaning in to raise the frequency

When you hold on to anything (thoughts,relationships, emotions, objects, habits) that no longer align with you, you will remain at the frequency of that matter. All of these things we hold on to have energy and in order to evolve from any space in our journey, we must shed all things that do not align with our desired frequency. Hmmmm.. easier said than done Cush! But this awareness is the first step.

I am in a space of awareness, acceptance, and action. Taking full responsibility for my reality because I am the only one who has created it and I am the only one who can change it. I will have to do things outside of my comfort zone like ask for help, stop making excuses for my lack of action, physically take charge of my space, create new boundaries for myself and others. I feel a deep sense of frustration as if I am OVER MYSELF. I’m sick of the excuses I make, I’m sick of waiting for things to change without putting steps in place to make them happen, I’m sick of living a life that does not align with my highest purpose. Sounds a whole lot like she’s ready for change 🙌🏼

You have to really come in to your own and take ownership for what you want. Be HONEST, FEARLESS, COMMITED in creating the reality you deserve. You can see it, feel it, maybe even hear it….it’s there. It always has been, your journey has been laid out for you within the divine planes… you’re just remembering. Peeling back the layers to reveal your true power and step in! It’s always a personal decision as to what path we choose. There are endless possibilities and realities that all coexist within this multidimensional experience …. but which one will you live? Will you choose the highest possible frequency reality full of abundance and growth or will you choose a stagnant space of comfort repeating cycles that no longer serve you. I’m choosing to live within my highest possible frequency, I’m choosing to do the work, I’m choosing to look at my own shadow and face it head on….with love and acceptance.

We do not have to be afraid of our shadow self it is there for a reason and plays a crucial part to our being just as the light does. We can choose to observe this instead of allowing it to absorb our being. Although it is a choice, it’s very difficult to see this at the start of ones journey. Our essence as beings is not defined by our thoughts and feelings which are merely human attributes. Of course we are human, we need these things to exist within this human experience and conduct our souls work on earth. However our true essence is a state of detachment and presence. We can in fact detach from our human thoughts and feelings whilst still learning from them and allowing them to guide us.

For myself I have struggled to bare witness to my emotions and thoughts I have a tendency to allow them to completely overwhelm me and drag me down. When I’m in a low frequency vibration it is very easy for me to go from 0 to 100! One minute I am full of abundance, love and presence and the next my human thoughts take me to the darkest places it can possibly go. Through years of practice I have learnt to pull myself back from that dark place remembering that it is not my truth but merely my shadow letting me know work has to be done. I’ve learnt to replace the negative self talk with positive.

Negative: “You’re stupid, useless, worthless”

“You’re foolish to think you can live your desired lifestyle”

“You’ll never make it without a “normal” job”

“You’re not capable of changing”

“You’re too lazy to get it done even if you tried, so don’t bother”

Positive: “You are fully capable”

“You have the skills it takes to be self employed”

“You have the drive and motivation required to achieve your dreams”

“You are a powerful divine master of manifestation”

“You are loved”

“You are love”

“You exist in a state of abundance”

The shadow self which can also be described as negativity, trauma, dark thoughts, low vibration, is all a part of the human experience. I am learning to lean in to this instead of fighting it. Fighting it can look like procrastination, escapism, avoidance, isolation, denial. This is all a divine yet difficult part of the journey. It can be ugly and can feel disgusting, painful, uncomfortable, awkward. Just trust that you are fully capable of leaning into this and healing it from within. Accept that this is a part of you and it’s completely normal. Duality is a healthy and necessary part of life the light and shadow, positive and negative, stillness and flow.

Always trust your divine path and that you are constantly held with love and guidance from the universe. You are never alone and if you feel you are sis look at ya shadow! 😂

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2 thoughts on “Shadow Self

  1. That was beautiful my girl. Remember that saying ‘ The wound is the portal through which we receive wisdom

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  2. LOVE THIS SIS WOW!!! ✨👏


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